Amateur Hobbyist Weather Sites

A collection of amateur weather sites. These are sites that are for the most part created and maintained by amateur weather enthusiasts. These sites provide insightful weather information, from another perspective.

District Weather

DCweather is a blog devoted to providing timely, accurate, and entertaining weather discussions for the greater Metropolitan area and the Mid Atlantic

2006-01-18 22:09:42


Weather information for the Hampton Roads Peninsula area

Hurricane Now

Hurricane Now for the latest hurricane videos and hurricane reports on active storms featuring hurricane videos, hurricane information and exclusive live hurricane streaming video, hurricane blogs and hurricane reports throughout the 2005 hurricane season.

2005-11-23 16:06:35

Hurricane Track News, Information, Hurricane Tracking since 1999

2005-11-23 16:06:36

Jim Edds Storm Photos

Jim Edds, Extreme Storms Severe Weather Stock Video Footage - Hurricane, Tornado, Lightning, blizzards and Waterspout Stock Video and Photos

2005-11-23 16:08:47

Jim Reed Photography

Storm Chaser Jim Reed Is An Award-Winning Extreme Weather Photographer

2005-11-23 16:08:48

New England Weather

Blog discussing current and future New England weather events. Discussions, radars, maps. In depth discussion updated daily and focuses on Northeast.

2006-01-17 16:51:58

Philadelphia Weather

Philadelphia Weather is a site devoted to discussing weather for the Delaware Valley, by weather enthusiast Tom Thunstrom, Philadelphia Weather, provides a fresh insight on the weather in the Delaware Valley. In addition to covering the weather Tom also provides interesting commentary on the media's coverage of the weather and climate.
Yes, we do stray from time to time and cover oddities, rarities, and the tropics, but a substantial point of coverage is on the Delaware Valley.

2005-12-21 00:00:00

Science Weather

A forum discussing weather amongst many other things

2005-11-23 16:10:33


Severe weather & tornado pictures, severe weather links & weather products -

2005-11-23 16:10:08

Stans Weather

If your in Ilinois, and you want to know the weather, Stan is your man

2005-11-23 16:10:07

The Storm Guy

Lightning and Tornado Photography by Dave Crowley

2005-11-23 16:08:49

The Weather Center

An aggregator of publically available weather feeds, no commentary or discussion on the weather just data... Nice and clean presentation.

2005-11-23 16:09:36

The Weather Prediction . COM

This website provides a wide variety of information relating to meteorology. Itís very good for students starting out in the meteorology field or for people who just want to know what the weather forecasters are talking about

2006-03-17 17:43:48

Tropical Update

A source for tropical storm information

2005-11-23 16:08:47

Virginia Beach Weather

A nice site with local real time data and 7 day history graphs of weather conditions in Virginia Beach.

2006-03-08 00:00:00

Virginia Lightning

Photography and videography of thunderstorms, lightning and weather phenomena by William Coyle.

2005-11-23 16:08:49

Virginia Severe Weather

The Virginia Severe Weather page , has tons of cool photos of severe weather.

2006-01-19 20:33:18

Weather Nation

There is a lot of information there, but there is also a lot of noise...

2005-11-23 16:09:30


WeatherMatrix is a worldwide organization of over 10,000 amateur and professional weather enthusiasts -- meteorologists, storm chasers and spotters, and weather observers from all parts of the globe. We are the largest online weather community.

2005-11-23 16:06:35

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