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This has been one of the longest stretches of damp and drizzly weather in a very long time here in Hampton Roads. So, you’re wondering when it will end? Well, as it looks now, there should be slow improvement by late Monday and Tuesday. However, low level moisture will be slow to move out as there is no real clear cut mechanism to scour it out. Drizzle and very light rain many times does not show up on regional radars, so although a radar screen may look clear, drizzle and light rain may be occurring. The precipitation is generated in the lower parts of the atmosphere, which is too low in the atmosphere to be picked up by most radars. There are some light to moderate showers that will be moving in from the ocean as the pesky low pressure system sinks southward off our coast. Winds will also increase causing some rise in tidal levels, although right now, coastal flooding should be minor in nature. The low will slowly dissipate and the onshore flow will slowly diminish. However, it will be a very slow process, so clearing will be very slow to occur…. The tropical Atlantic is quiet for the most part. Hurricane season will be winding down as upper-level winds become more and more unfavorable due to the change of seasons. It ends on November 30th. That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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